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Two Kids In Uniform — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD

Helping Kids Reach Their Potential

For your child to grow and develop into a well-rounded individual, it’s important they’re afforded the right support, at the right time. For some, the level of support needed to function well within society can be dictated by a disability, disorder or past experiences. This is when professional help can be the difference between thriving as they grow into adulthood or struggling to cope.

At Kids Therapy Club, we offer professional occupational therapy and therapeutic services to provide children and teens with tailored strategies, tools and the confidence to understand and fit in with the world around them. When they come to us, we’ll deliver structured sessions that will enable them to manage or overcome the unique mental and physical challenges they face.

We offer a range of 1:1 and group therapies from our Parkwood club. To find out more, or to book an initial session, call 1300 933 009 today.

Two Kids In Uniform — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD

Our Therapeutic Services

So, what are the therapies on offer at Kids Therapy Club? Well, we focus on three of the most important areas in helping children maximise their potential given the limitations they may be experiencing.

Occupational therapy addresses areas such as motor skill development, emotional recognition and sensory exploration. Speech and language pathology hones in on language, communication and literacy; whilst dealing with challenges such as dyslexia, speech impediments, oro-motor difficulties and Dysphagia. Child psychology can be helpful in overcoming grief, trauma, relationship troubles, developmental delays and other mental health issues.

Each of our therapies are run by qualified and experienced professionals including occupational therapists, speech pathologists and psychologists. We stay abreast of developments in our respective fields, meaning we’re constantly improving the services we deliver.

See for yourself how we empower both children and their families to maximise developmental outcomes; book in a 1:1 or group session today.

Children Holding Balloons — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD
Children Holding Balloons — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children to develop the skills required to function in everyday life. We explore emotional recognition, cognitive skills, sensory exploration and more at our Parkwood club.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can help children manage a range of disorders and impediments including dyslexia, stuttering and Dysphagia. In Parkwood, we focus on improving their communication and literacy.


Our 1:1 psychology sessions in Parkwood are tailored to your child’s individual needs. We address factors that are affecting their mental health—whether it be trauma, depression or anything else.

Group Therapies

Our group sessions can benefit children by having others to interact with during their therapy. We provide activities for 5-18 year-olds in Parkwood focusing on social skills, self-regulation and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mental health issues that can affect children include anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, and conduct disorders. Children who have mental health issues may have difficulty in school, socialising with peers, and functioning in daily life. Child psychology services can help to deal with or overcome these issues, leading to brighter outcomes.

Speech therapy can help children with speech impediments by working on their articulation, fluency, and voice. Therapy may also involve cognitive exercises to help the child understand and use language more effectively. By improving their speech skills, children can communicate more effectively with others and participate more fully in school and social activities.

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