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Children Playing With Colourful Building Blocks — Therapy Club in Yarrabilba, QLD

Helping Kids
Break Boundaries

For children to reach their full potential, and develop into well-rounded individuals, having the right support at the right time can make all the difference. Particularly where a disability or disorder is present, support—from qualified and experienced professionals—can completely change future outcomes for the better.

At Kids Therapy Club, that’s our main focus! We provide a range of occupational therapy and therapeutic services, in which children and teens are given tailored strategies to manage or overcome their specific mental and physical challenges. Our structured sessions provide the tools and the confidence needed to understand and thrive in the world around us.

1:1 sessions and group therapies are available at our Yarrabilba club. For all enquiries, or to book in, call 1300 933 009 today.

Children Playing With Colourful Building Blocks — Therapy Club in Yarrabilba, QLD

Our Therapeutic Services

So what therapies are offered through Kids Therapy Club? Well, we tackle three important areas, with the aim of helping children reach their potential—regardless of the limitations they’ve been dealt.

Firstly, occupational therapy is used to help children develop their motor skills and emotional recognition whilst exploring their senses. Our speech and language pathology focusses on overcoming communication, literacy and language issues. Lastly child psychology is offered to address mental health—it can help in instance of anxiety, trauma, grief, relationship troubles and developmental delays.

Each therapy session is run by one of our experienced and qualified professionals; we’re a team of psychologists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists. In keeping on top of ongoing advances in our relative disciplines, we’re constantly improving the services we deliver.

Find out more about how we can empower you and your child to maximise their developmental outcomes. Book a session today.

Happy Kids Playing In A Room — Therapy Club in Yarrabilba, QLD
Happy Kids Playing In A Room — Therapy Club in Yarrabilba, QLD

Occupational Therapy

To help children develop the skills to tackle everyday life, we offer occupational therapy in Yarrabilba. We delve into cognitive development, sensory exploration, emotional recognition and more.

Speech Therapy

For children to overcome the challenges associated with speech impediments and learning difficulties, we provide speech therapy in Yarrabilba. We’ll help improve their communication and literacy skills.


When your child is suffering with mental health issues—for example trauma, depression, anxiety—our psychology services can help. We run tailored 1:1 sessions from our Yarrabilba club.

Group Therapies

We run several group therapy sessions for 5-18 year-olds in Yarrabilba. Together as a group, children will learn about self-regulation, executive functioning, social skills and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational therapy can help children who have difficulties with daily living skills, such as dressing, eating, and using the bathroom. Therapy can also help children who have sensory processing disorder or who struggle with coordination and fine motor skills. By teaching children how to perform everyday tasks more effectively, occupational therapy can vastly improve their quality of life.

Common behavioural problems in children include tantrums, aggression, and defiance. These behaviours can be caused by a variety of factors, such as stress, anxiety, and ADHD. If behavioural problems are causing difficulty in school or at home, child psychology services can help to address the underlying issues and develop positive coping strategies.

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