Kids Speech Therapy on the Gold Coast

1 – 25 years of age welcome

Staffs Teaching Communication Skills — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD

Improving Communication Skills

At Kids Therapy Club, our dedicated speech pathologists help children to understand others and express themselves,
as well as provide assistance with mealtimes. We provide speech pathology sessions through our Gold Coast clubs
located in Yarrabilba, Parkwood, and Mount Tambourine.
Our speech pathologists can provide support with the following:

  • Speech: help your child pronounce and combine their sounds in words clearly.
  • Language: help your child understand what others say and/or use words and sentences to express themselves.
  • Literacy: help your child with their reading and writing. This may include support with the foundational skills for
    literacy (phonological awareness).
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC): help support your child’s communication using different
    forms of AAC such as keyword signs (KWS), pictures, and speech-generating devices.
  • Stuttering: help your child to reduce their stuttering and speak more fluently.
  • Voice: help your child with their voice quality and volume.
  • Social language: help your child understand and use language and non-verbal cues (e.g., facial expressions) for
    social interaction.
  • Feeding: help your child with swallowing and drinking or expanding the variety of foods they eat.

To find out more about our speech pathology services, speak with our friendly team today.

Staffs Teaching Communication Skills — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD

Working Through Literacy Problems

Literacy problems and dyslexia can be related to language issues. At Kids Therapy Club, our speech therapists are highly experienced at working with children who are having issues swallowing or feeding (Dysphagia management), are fussy eaters or are experiencing difficulties in learning to read and write. We work with disabilities such as SD, ADHD, GDD and other specific learning disorders.

Our therapy focuses on developing social language skills and phonological awareness through play and fun; all whilst providing literacy assistance in reading, writing, decoding, segmenting and blending.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems can be designed to support your child’s ability to communicate. We also provide parents with the training to support the ongoing development of their child’s language skills, outside of therapy; and we work collaboratively with other disciplines to ensure your child’s best interests are at the core of our service.

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