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Benefits of Social and Holiday Camps

Benefits of Social and Holiday Camps - Kids Therapy Club

Meeting new people, initiating, maintaining and finishing conversations can be daunting for anyone at any age. This can be particularly difficult for those who have increased difficulties with communication and social-emotional skills. Social and Holiday Camps is a form of intervention that allows kids to learn, practice and maintain these skills throughout their lives.

These camps encourage children to interact in a group setting with activities and tasks that require children to communicate with each other, work as a team and think of problem solving skills.


  • Sharing ideas with each other on how to solve the problem

  • Starting conversations, listening to others and waiting until their turn to speak

  • How to ask for help from others

  • Organising, planning and time management

  • Fitness and fun!

Camps also provide activities such as cooking, baking, making playdough and/or slime, drawing, and arts and crafts activities. These activities help the children improve their executive functioning, fine and gross motor skills. The activities are designed for the children to follow directions and instructions, use of measuring instruments that require fine motor control and the physical strength and endurance from gross motor to mix, stir or pull.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Improve pencil grasp, scissor grasp and handwriting
  • Improve self care skills such as dressing, self feeding and personal hygiene

Gross Motor Skills

  • Improve core strength to maintain an upright sitting posture
  • Playing with friends at school

Executive Functioning Skills

  • Improve focus on the tasks during class
  • Able to self regulate and control during class


  • Self-esteem, confidence and increase independence

  • Form and maintain friendships

  • Better understanding of other’s emotions and their own

  • How to self-regulate their energy states, emotions, thoughts, and behaviours

  • Better understanding of non-verbal communication (body language and facial expressions)

  • Succeed in school and life!!!