Social Bootcamp

Social Bootcamp delivers accelerated results through our evidence-based program, led by therapists, in small groups, and in a 'real-life' setting.

Celebrating over 5 years of success, it has garnered praise in the media and from parents and schools witnessing the significant benefits for their children. This unique program, known for its outstanding results and innovation, is the only one of its kind in Australia.

Get your child on track with this exceptional after-school program, where they can practice critical Occupational Therapy goals and thrive. If you are currently in one-on-one therapy or on a waitlist, Social Bootcamp could be the ideal solution for your child’s therapy goals. In age-appropriate groups, kids focus on therapy-based movement sessions, and verbal communication challenges combined with carefully selected computer games. Each week, children must direct, communicate, and collaborate with peers.

Social Bootcamp is 2 x 1hour sessions, twice a week, after school. The program is offered to 6–10-year-olds and 11 – 18-year-olds. Therapy focus includes – Social Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Sensory Integration, and Executive Functioning Skills (Motor planning, self-regulation, working memory, self-monitoring, time management, adaptable thinking, and organization).

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