Easter Activities

Written by KTC Occupational Therapist, Jacqui Petselas.

Hoppy Easter — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD

Here is a list of different Easter activities to keep your children entertained over the Easter break. From creating Easter Egg Suncatchers to an Easter Themed Sensory Bag, these activities are great for children of all ages and learning abilities.

Bunny Races

Bunny Race — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD

What you will need:
Green felt material (a4 size) or x2 pieces of green crepe paper
One piece of A4 sized paper
Cotton balls
Small pieces of pink felt (optional for inside bunny ears)
Small pieces of white felt for bunny ears
Craft glue
Different sized straws

How to make:
1. Glue either green felt material or one piece of green crepe paper onto the white A4 paper.
2. If using crepe paper, cut the paper into strips running horizontally and gently make little snips along the strip being careful not to cut all the way through. Glue these strips onto the crepe paper that is attached to the A4 paper.
3. Using the white and pink felt material, cut out small bunny ears that will fit onto your cotton balls. The pink left will need to be slightly smaller than the white felt as this will make the inside of the bunny ear. Glue the bunny ears to your cotton ball and leave aside to dry.
4. Once dry, you can line up the cotton ball bunnies at the start of your green paper.
5. Take turns having races to see who can blow their bunny to the finish line first, see how many bunnies you can blow across the line within a time frame, or even try to blow your bunny towards a target (perhaps a toy carrot).

Hole Punched Easter Eggs

Hole Punched Easter Eggs — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD

What you will need:
Coloured paper
Different shaped hole punches
Coloured shredded paper

How to make:
1. Cut out large egg shapes from the coloured paper. This will be the base colour for your Easter egg.
2. Using your hole punches start to punch out little shapes on other coloured paper. These small pieces can be used to glue onto your Easter egg
3. Hole punch shapes out of your easter egg to create patterns and shapes.
4. When you are happy with the look of your egg, glue it onto an A4 piece of coloured paper and then glue the shredded paper at the bottom to create the “nest” that the egg is sitting in.

Easter Themed Sensory Bag

What you will need:
A permanent marker
A clear plastic zip lock bag
Small plastic chickens

How to make:
1. With a permanent marker, draw a cracked egg onto the zip lock bag.
2. Add in a small amount of water and the plastic chickens.
3. Try to let out any remaining air inside the bag and close it.
4. Have your child push the chickens around and try to get them back inside the egg.
* You could also use blue jelly to make this activity a little bit trickier!

Easter Egg Suncatchers

What you will need:
Different coloured cellophane
Clear contact
Sticky tape or blue tack

How to make:
1. Cut out an egg shape from your clear contact. The bigger the egg, the more colours and cellophane you can use.
2. Cut up small pieces of cellophane and place them onto the sticky side of the contact. Keep placing pieces until the entire egg is covered.
3. Once complete, use sticky tape or blue tack to adhere your easter egg to a sunny window. Once the sun comes out the light will shine through the cellophane!

Easter Egg Playdough Mats

What you will need:
Play dough

How to make:
1. Download and print the mats and laminate them to ensure playdough does not stick to paper.
2. Use your playdough to finish off the pictures and decorate the eggs!


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