Kids Speech Therapy

1 – 25 years of age welcome

Improving Communication Skills

At Kids Therapy Club, our dedicated speech pathologists help children to understand others and express themselves, as well as provide assistance with mealtimes. We provide speech pathology sessions through our Gold Coast clubs located in Yarrabilba and Parkwood. The service is customised to your child’s individual needs and can be delivered one-on-one or within one of our Group Therapy Programs.

Speech Therapy Development Options

Our speech pathologists can provide support with the following:

  • Speech: help your child pronounce and combine their sounds in words clearly.
  • Language: help your child understand what others say and/or use words and sentences to express themselves.
  • Literacy: help your child with their reading and writing. This may include support with the foundational skills for literacy (phonological awareness).
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC): help support your child’s communication using different forms of AAC such as keyword signs (KWS), pictures, and speech-generating devices.
  • Stuttering: help your child to reduce their stuttering and speak more fluently.
  • Voice: help your child with their voice quality and volume.
  • Social language: help your child understand and use language and non-verbal cues (e.g., facial expressions) for social interaction.
  • Feeding: help your child with swallowing and drinking or expanding the variety of foods they eat.

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Working Through Literacy Problems

Literacy skills are the ability to read and write and are significant to your child’s ability to access their school curriculum, socialise with peers, and develop their independence and self-confidence. Many children with speech or language difficulties also experience challenges with their reading and writing due to the strong links between speech, language, and literacy.

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Prior to learning how to read and write, children develop their pre-reading skills (phonological awareness). When developing these skills, children begin to understand how words are made of individual sounds that can be manipulated to make different words. These skills are integral to reading and writing success and can be supported by our speech pathologists.

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