Kids Occupational Therapy on the Gold Coast

1 – 25 years of age welcome

Child And Staff Enjoy Their Swing — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD

Developing Skills for Everyday Life

We provide paediatric occupational therapy to assist children and young adults in learning and developing the skills they need for everyday life. Occupational therapy’s primary goal is to promote the individual’s performance and engagement in daily activities.

At Kids Therapy Club, our occupational therapists support children to do what they want, need and have to do in their everyday lives. We do this by developing a range of target areas that are necessary to be independent and confident with everyday tasks and activities. Some of these target areas include fine and gross motor skills otherwise known as physical development, cognitive and learning skills, executive functioning skills, sensory integration, social skills, self-regulation skills, visual perception and visual-motor integration skills and school-based skills such as handwriting. Occupational therapists also support families and children to develop self-care skills and healthy daily routines, resulting in greater independence and self-esteem.

Occupational therapists are experts at looking at the bigger picture and individualising children’s goals and therapy to make sure everyone is working towards a long-term goal. Parents and families are also supported by the occupational therapists to learn and use therapy in their home and whilst in the community. Families will work with the occupational therapist to develop an individualised plan for each child to work towards mutually prioritised goals.

We offer 1:1 occupational therapy—including early childhood development and school based learning support—across our three club locations; Parkwood, Yarrabilba and Mount Tamborine.

Child And Staff Enjoy Their Swing — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD

Learning in A Social Environment

Development and well-being relies on so much more than just the individual; emotional recognition, social skills and self-regulation in group environments are just as important when preparing for everyday life. We use a variety of techniques including social stories to help children—particularly those affected by autism—to better understand everyday events they might otherwise find confusing and difficult.

We’re also renowned for our outstanding group therapy programs—Social Bootcamp (gaming therapy) and Teen Konnect Club (our Saturday club).

At Social Bootcamp, children are engaged in occupational therapy activities that promote their self-regulatory and executive functioning skills and assist in mastering their social abilities. Teen Konnect Club gives those aged between 12-18 the opportunity to take part in group therapy activities across the Gold Coast with our occupational therapy team to reach their therapy goals and develop independent skills for real life. The club is geared to facilitate what older kids like to do in their spare time.

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Our Primary Focus

The focus of our occupational therapy sessions involves:

  • Sensory exploration
  • Early childhood development
  • Gross & fine motor skills
  • Physical development
  • Cognitive functioning skills
  • Emotional recognition
  • Coordination
  • Fostering independence
  • Self-esteem & self-care
  • School based learning support
  • Leisure
  • Developing healthy routines

And more. To enquire about our 1:1 or group programs, speak with our friendly team today on 1300 933 009.

Child Playing With Toys — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD
Child Playing With Toys — Therapy Club in Parkwood, QLD

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