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In addition to the children’s needs, family support is a major part of what we do. This naturally includes parents, carers and siblings who can often struggle managing the special needs, disorders or disabilities of a family member. At Kids Therapy Club, therapy, counseling, workshops and social events are part of the services we offer our families on a regular basis.

Coming together in a comfortable environment and often just sharing stories can be of tremendous comfort for those struggling with the needs and demands of a loved one with special needs and disabilities.

Family Events - Kids Therapy Club

Introducing our Fantastic Family Events!

Cuppa & Catch-Up: Join us for our morning get-togethers, where parents and carers come together in a relaxed and informal setting. Connect, share experiences, and find support and encouragement from fellow families, all while sipping on delightful cups of warmth!

Seasonal Family Get-Togethers: Throughout the year, we love hosting community get-togethers for our KTC families and friends! Get ready for our Hop-tastic Easter Party, where egg hunts and laughter abound. Our Spook-tacular Halloween Trick-Or-Treat office openings. And when it’s time for the Festive Christmas BBQ, we’ll bring the jolly spirit and create unforgettable memories for all!”

Information Sessions: Empowering families is our passion. That’s why we offer engaging and helpful information sessions on various topics throughout the year. Gain valuable insights and learn how to best manage and support your family member’s unique needs, disorders, or disabilities. Together, we’ll tackle challenges and find the best path forward!

Join in on the fun, support, and knowledge-sharing! Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities to make lasting connections and create treasured moments for your family. We can’t wait to see you there!

Curious to know more about the exciting happenings at our centers? Head over to our Events Page and uncover the support, connection and fun-filled world that awaits your family!

Join us in creating cherished memories together!

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